MetaMask wants institutions to wade into DeFi with new enterprise version

Metamask is seeking to grow the $14 billion DeFi ecosystem by attracting institutional investors with a new wallet that could “run a professional DeFi trading desk.” Ethereum wallet MetaMask is seeking to attract institutional investors into the decentralized finance sector with the soon-to-be-launched institutional-grade version. The popular wallet, with more than 1 million monthly active […]

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Blockstack (STX) rallies 85% as fundamentals improve ahead of mainnet launch

In the past month, Blockstack (STX) token quietly rallied 85% as network fundamentals improved and a key mainnet launch approaches. Blockstack (STX) might not be on every investor’s radar, but the 72nd-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been doing some serious work behind the scenes. Blockstack (STX) 1-month chart. Source: The company behind the […]

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How do you use a block explorer?

Learn more about a blockchain’s transparency with a block explorer. A blockchain, in its essence, provides a digital record of transactions. At present, this most often pertains to transaction records for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC). The database of records, called blocks, is often touted for its transparency and immutability. But what do these features really […]

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4 tips to avoid phishing attacks

Once a user identifies a phishing attempt, spreading the word online can assist in the security of everyone’s funds. Many crypto owners fall prey to common crypto theft schemes, including phishing traps. How can the average crypto user identify and avoid these attacks to prevent the potential loss of funds? Know the source Phishing emails are […]

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