Here’s why the Head of the Chechen Republic has such a strong disdain for cryptocurrencies

Kadyrov does not seem to understand cryptocurrencies very well. The Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov shared some harsh comments about cryptocurrencies amid growing interest in the technology amongst Chechnya’s citizens. According to Pravda, Kadyrov claimed that the media is presenting crypto “as the new gold,” provoking what he calls a kind of Bitcoin (BTC) “fever”: “People […]

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Secret contracts may soon bring privacy features to public Blockchains

Programmable privacy is about to become a reality. Open-source Blockchain protocol Secret Network announced its intention to add privacy-based secret contracts to its mainnet. The upgrade will take place on September 15 once the proposal is passed by the community. According to the foundation’s announcement, developers will have the opportunity to build and deploy so-called […]

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Is Ethereum Left and Bitcoin Right?

Hacktivist Bitcoin developer Amir Taaki took aim at Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on Twitter recently for essentially writing off smart contracts inventor Nick Szabo as a right-wing crank. Taaki wrote that this sort of attitude was typical of an “Eth[ereum] culture which is about sparkling burner parties, privileged digital nomads, microdosing LSD, sex orgies and […]

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