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    John McAfee Exclusive Interview: Presidential Campaign and Crypto

    John McAfee had an exclusive interview with Larry Sharpe about crypto, privacy coins, and his libertarian campaign for President. In this interview, McAfee puts out a call-to-action for the small and elite segment of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to learn his secrets. He describes his new, decentralized crypto trading platform, and gives some tips on […]

    Easy Ideas for Utilizing Green Energy In Your Daily Life

    New MIT research study explores spintronics for ultra-low-power microchips

    Apple Expected To Roll Out New iPad, Mac Products At Event This Week

    For oil and gas, patience is key to begin implementing IoT – but the pace needs to increase after

    EU puts weight behind WiFi over 5G for connected cars

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    •   Supply-side platform Smaato announced Tuesday the addition of machine learning to its Automated Traffic Curation (ATC), a step that it says can “significantly” reduce the traffic overload for Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and result in better pricing matches for publishers. What this means. For the past year or so, the San Francisco-based firm has

    • It was a good week for wearables and their future, as the devices continued to show indications of strong promise on the B2C and B2B fronts. A sizzle in its own right – and also possibly a sizzle within a sizzle for payments and commerce players who may stand to see their boats lifted by wearables’ rising

    •   We’ve covered a wide range of connected devices on IoT News, but the PoochPlay marks the first wearable designed for our canine friends. The best way to describe PoochPlay is a Fitbit for dogs. It’s a simple device which attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks activity/rest per day. Using a replaceable CR2032 battery,

    •   Twilio has launched a new ‘super SIM’, built upon the company’s mobile core infrastructure, along with an expanded set of tier-one carrier relationships with Singtel, Telefonica and Three Group. The super SIM allows developers to confidently deploy IoT devices globally via using a single API so that the company can optimise network performance on

    • This week’s cryptocurrencies market analysis will concentrate on technological advancements in the blockchain space in quarter 4. The analysis will focus on major technological upgrades occurring in quarter four along with Ambrosus (AMB) being a top contender to produce returns well in excess of 100% in the immediate short term. 3 Cryptocurrencies We Predicted Would Rally 

    • Within the search marketing space, there has been a lot of talk about voice search. Many are projecting voice search as the next big thing  – in fact, as the next marketplace disruptor. But the truth is, voice search probably isn’t going to be the next big thing. Yes, voice search is disrupting text-based searches,

    • The semiconductor industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in technology. Information provided by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) reveals that global sales of semiconductors reached $40.16 billion for the month of August 2018, which was a 14.9% year-on-year increase compared to August 2017. Market research consultant Stratistics MRC has also stated that many semiconductor

    • HSBC and Standard Chartered have vowed to continue supporting Chinese companies amid ongoing trade tensions, according to reports Wednesday (October 10). Global Trade Review said the FIs, which operate as two of the largest trade finance providers in Asia, have emphasized their commitment to the Chinese market and existing government initiatives including Made In China

    • ShippingEasy has announced that it is integrating with Amazon’s Alexa to expedite package delivery for its eCommerce sellers customer base. The partnership with Amazon will allow eCommerce sellers to use their Alexa voice assistant device, or download the Alexa app on their smartphone, to carry out hands-free business shipping tasks, including managing orders, shipping orders,

    • As is often the case with these big hardware events – the Made by Google Event was both surprising and not. Much of what was rolled on a New York stage yesterday afternoon (Oct. 9) was anticipated and well known long before the stage presentations began:  the new Pixel phone was described as “exactly as

    •   Japanese multinational conglomerate SoftBank Group International recently led a funding round for HEED – a new consumer platform that uses IoT analytics and AI to transform sports and entertainment experience. The round raised $35 million which will be used to strengthen the company’s expansion as it ties up with sports clubs and leagues across

    • The mayor of South Korea’s capital Seoul, Park Won-Soon, has committed to investing $108m (£83m) towards developing blockchain hubs within the city. Park’s announcement came amid a diplomatic visit to Zurich, where he announced plans to create two business complexes in Seoul which would become home to 200 blockchain-based companies by 2021. These hubs would

    • Big Four Auditors PwC, KPMG, EY, and Deloitte are building infrastructure to help conglomerates adopt blockchain technology. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY) and KPMG, better known as the “Big Four” auditors, all have established solid long-term blockchain roadmaps to remain relevant in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The four professional services conglomerates, which

    • Law enforcement agencies and the military could benefit from blockchain as much as financial institutions do. Blockchain-based systems’ decentralized nature makes for their formidable resiliency to the outsiders’ attempts to infiltrate or take down such networks. Governments, law enforcement agencies and even military leadership around the world seem to be embracing a more blockchain-friendly way

    • The volatility in Bitcoin that once was an attractive characteristic for speculators seems to have declined, but has Bitcoin bottomed, or can it fall further? The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should

    •   Automotive giant Honda has demonstrated ‘smart intersection’ technology which should increase safety, especially in the age of driverless cars. Roads can be wildly unpredictable things, and intersections account for around 40 percent of collisions. Pedestrians or animals could run into the street, emergency vehicles may need to be let by promptly, or another driver

    • In the marketing world, you can’t go any further than the next trend piece or trade publication article before you read about artificial intelligence (AI). It’s said that AI will revolutionize the marketing tech stack; AI will help marketers tap into big data; AI is the key to unlocking the marketing potential of the IoT.

    • Ivy League American university Yale is said to be one of the investors that has helped to raise $400 million for a major new cryptocurrency-focused fund. Ivy League U.S. university Yale is said to be one of the investors that helped to raise $400 million for a major new cryptocurrency-focused fund, Bloomberg reports October 5.

    • Former smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has released a new blockchain platform designed to store and share medical data. As part of its pivot into security and computing, software company and former smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has released a blockchain-powered platform. The new product  focuses on the healthcare field, according to a press release published Oct. 4. Per

    • Toyota Motor and SoftBank announced Thursday (October 4) they have formed a strategic partnership to enable the creation of new mobility services. In a press release, the companies said they plan to create a joint venture company to be called MONET Technologies Corp. before the end of the fiscal 2018 year. Toyota and Softbank said the objective of

    • Supreme court appointments are a media circus that’s amplified online while friends and family go to war on Facebook and other social media channels. Justices are supposed to uphold the constitution, yet the left and right go to war in a partisan battle to stack the court in their favor. Liberty-minded individuals like Judge Napolitano are

    • Although the crypto bear market is scaring away retail investors, institutional players are using the current fall to invest in various blockchain and crypto firms. The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Cointelegraph. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should

    • The computing giant IBM is becoming an established label in blockchain innovation, with numerous projects in action well beyond the experimentation phase. Just in the last month, the firm launched TradeLens with shipping behemoth Maersk – offering a shipment-tracking network across 20 port and terminal operators and 235 marine gateways globally. That’s as well as

    • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awards IBM a patent for a blockchain-based security system that effectively helps to reveal breaches. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently awarded a patent for a blockchain-based secure system to U.S. tech conglomerate IBM, according to a patent filing published on USPTO’s website Tuesday, October 2.