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    IBM & Australian Banks Pilot Lygon Bank Guarantee Blockchain Solution

    IBM and Scentre Group, a company that manages shopping centers, have teamed up with an association of Australia-based financial services companies in launching a pilot program that encodes retail lease bank guarantees onto a private blockchain, according to an IBM press release. With participation from organizations including ANZ, Commonwealth, and Westpac banks, Lygon was launched […]

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    Bitcoin’s One-Stop Pawn Shops

    Larry Sharpe & Why the NY Gubernatorial Election Matters for Crypto Nationwide

    Bitcoin Daily: Brussel’s NXMH Acquires Bitstamp Exchange; Ripple Hires Ex-Google Product Specialist

    Alipay Ramps Up Supply Chain, Lending Services To SMBs

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    • The World Crypto Con Blockchain Experience Kicks off with Bitcoin’s 10th Birthday. Activities include Bloqchain Hackathon, Poker Tournament, eRacing, Token Tank and a Giant Halloween Crypto Party at Omnia Nightclub hosted by Steve Aoki. LAS VEGAS, OCTOBER 31, 2018 – World Crypto Con (WCC), launches the world’s most immersive and interactive blockchain and crypto experience,

    • Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofA Merrill) is introducing a new solution for other financial institutions (FIs) in the interbank payment system to automate foreign exchange (FX) conversion. The new solution, AutoFX, aims to make it easier for smaller banks to streamline cross-border payments for their customers by automating foreign exchange conversion before the transaction occurs,

    • Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC has launched its (long-awaited?) blockchain-based smartphone, Exodus 1, today (October 23). However, at present, it’s only available to pre-order using cryptocurrency. According to CNBC, the handset can be ordered at a current price of 0.15 bitcoins or 4.78 ether tokens, or about $960 (£739), and is expected to ship in December.

    • The oil and gas industry is one of the most complex when it comes to emerging technology implementation. Yet as complicated as it is, it’s people and processes which will ultimately move the needle, according to Jim Claunch, vice president of business efficiency at Equinor. This is not to say that the tech side can

    • Despite a bearish and ever-volatile market, cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs are in healthy supply, according to a report by Glassdoor Economic Research. In fact, the number of vacancies relating to the crypto sector has risen by 300 percent in the US since the same time in 2017, Glassdoor stating that continued growth in employment represents

    • October 21, 2018 – With an innovative vision to decentralize the blockchain space and build a world-class crypto exchange, Bityaris, bringing together the world’s best brains in the crypto-space announces the launch of its highly anticipated, self-reliant cryptocurrency exchange platform which will feature a broad array of functionalities.  The official launch date of Bityaris Decentralized

    • China’s Cyberspace Administration, the main agency enforcing its hard line on censorship, has laid out plans to regulate blockchain companies operating in the country. As reported by South China Morning Post (SCMP), under the proposed new rules users of blockchain services would be required to register their real name and national identification card numbers. Blockchain

    • In the pre-mobile world, in the time before the Uberization of every conceivable service, the gig economy existed — just not in the highly organized and monetized fashion as it is today. In fact, Head Blockchain Engineer Stan James at decentralized blockchain marketplace provider Origin told PYMNTS in a recent conversation that the central locus of

    • Consumers go on a lot of different types of digital journeys in a day — they might shop online, do some banking, move funds between accounts, do some light online browsing. And while there are a lot of different contexts for digital journeys, Diebold Nixdorf VP Dr. Michael Schulte told Karen Webster in a conversation along

    • The SBI Group plans to license Sepior ApS’ wallet technology to use in its own wallet, which will become a part of its digital currency exchange platform, the company said in an announcement. When it came to the decision, SBI said that Sepior’s multiparty computation (MPC) approach allows for a high level of protection for

    • Guarding everything from cash transfers to prisons, it was a matter of time before international security giant G4S flexed its muscles in cryptocurrency. Yesterday (October 17) the security firm announced it now offers high-security offline digital currency storage – a result of demand from clients including an unnamed European cryptocurrency exchange itself. The company cited

    • The semiconductor industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in technology. Information provided by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) reveals that global sales of semiconductors reached $40.16 billion for the month of August 2018, which was a 14.9% year-on-year increase compared to August 2017. Market research consultant Stratistics MRC has also stated that many semiconductor

    • Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed as Justice Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court of the United States. While the Senate hearings were not a trial, the partisan support for Kavanaugh suggests that the sexual allegations against him were inconclusive, given the available evidence and testimony. We may never know whose truth was most accurate, but

    • Mastercard has been awarded a patent for a proposed blockchain system that would support multiple types of currency. According to Coindesk, the patent describes how a firm may need to store different types of transaction data on the same platform, which is difficult to do on a single blockchain. So Mastercard wants to implement a

    • At the request of the Foreign Minister of Vanuatu, Maltese regulators will offer their expertise to the Pacific island nation in forming their own blockchain regulatory framework. The state authorities of Malta will assist the government of the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu in forming blockchain regulations, the Vanuatu Daily Post reported Monday, Oct. 8.

    • New analysis by Juniper Research shows a significant drop in crypto trading values, stating that crypto markets are “on the brink of an implosion.” A recent study from Juniper Research states that the cryptocurrency market could “implode” and that transaction volumes are decreasing, Bloomberg reported Oct. 9. In a report dubbed “The Future of Cryptocurrency:

    • Major business media outlet Forbes joins the Associated Press in exploring blockchain, plans to use smart contracts for its contributors. International business media outlet Forbes has partnered with blockchain-based platform Civil to publish its content on a decentralized network, Civil’s co-founder confirmed on Medium on Tuesday, Oct. 9. According to Civil co-founder Matt Coolidge, Forbes

    • Diar states crypto mining has seen record revenues in 2018, but the prices for electricity will soon make it profitable only for “bigger players.” Bitcoin (BTC) miner revenues for the first six months of 2018 have already surpassed results in 2017, but the miners themselves see little profit, weekly crypto outlet Diar reports Monday, October

    • sponsored Cryptocurrencies have challenges in becoming a major force in the world’s economy, but looking at history, almost every advancement has had similar issues. From bartering to blockchain, the world of money – and the way we transfer it – has never stood still. Indeed, even the assets we prize have changed. Although it might

    • IBM and Azerbaijan’s central bank will reportedly cooperate on implementing blockchain as part of a five-year program for the digital transformation of the economy. IBM and the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) will reportedly collaborate on implementing blockchain technology in the country’s economy, Central Asian-focused Trend News Agency reports October 9. Trend News Agency is

    • Thai officials will conduct blockchain feasibility studies, aiming to apply the technology for digital IDs, smart contracts, and even rice export. The Thai Ministry of Commerce has begun to conduct feasibility studies on the use of blockchain in copyright, agriculture, and trade finance, English-language Thai newspaper Bangkok Post reports Tuesday, Oct. 9. A Thai official

    • The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has issued the country’s first cryptocurrency asset management license to a crypto investment fund. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has issued the country’s first cryptocurrency asset management license to a crypto investment fund, Swiss-centered media outlet Swissinfo reports today, Oct. 9.The recipient is Crypto Fund, a

    • Dubai’s state-backed digital currency emcash will soon have its own payment system for goods, services, and other transactions. Consumers in Dubai will soon be able to use digital currency to pay for goods, services, and utilities following a new government partnership, a press release confirms Tuesday, Oct. 9. The deal between emcredit, a subsidiary of

    • PwC will provide tech expertise to decentralized lending platform Cred in the launch of their USD-backed stablecoin. “Big four” audit giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has partnered with decentralized lending platform Cred to provide tech expertise in the launch of their USD-backed stablecoin, the company announced on Monday, October 8. In the announcement, the professional services firm