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Top CBD Websites That Accept Bitcoin Payments for More Privacy

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Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD is a popular natural product that’s derived from hemp. It’ most popular form is CBD oil, which contains virtually no THC, the chemical that produces the high that people feel when they smoke marijuana. Many people credit CBD for pain relief, anxiety relief, and other health benefits. However, here is still a stigma associated with it because of its relation to cannabis, which is still illegal in many places. Additionally, people tend to want some privacy in regard to their health conditions. For these reasons, many people want some degree of anonymity when they buy CBD online. This is where bitcoin comes in. Rather than using a payment method that’s tied to your personal identity, like a credit card, or a bank account, you can make purchases with Bitcoin to give you a bit of privacy on these purchases. Most websites don’t accept bitcoin as a payment method, but some do. We scoured the internet and put together this short list of high quality websites that accept bitcoin transactions on CBD purchases.

If you want an easy checkout experience, then is your best bet. They have a curated collection of CBD oil, muscle rubs, and other ingestible and topical CBD products. They also have CBD products for pets.

Rx Theory is another great place to buy CBD with bitcoin. They use a third party digital currency processor to take payments, and it’s relatively easy to check out. Products include CBD tinctures, topicals, sports products and other items that contain cannabidiol.

Starseed Botanicals has a wide range of CBD products that you can purchase with bitcoin. In addition to more popular CBD products, they offer hemp flowers, CBD pre-rolls and botanical products.

If you are also in the market for cannabis that contains THC, then Secure Kush Dispensary might be a good choice for you. They offer CBD oil as well as vape cartridges and a variety of cannabis edibles, concentrates, and other items.

Organica Naturals ships CBD to all 50 states. There are regulations in some states however, so be careful, as you might be violating the law if other vendors do not ship to your region. Products include CBD oil, capsules, concentrates, smokables and pet products. They also have a robust learning center where you can brush up on your knowledge.

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