Nano, Stellar (XLM), Skycoin (SKY) & Ripple (XRP) Rated Fastest Cryptocurrencies

Among the factors that made Bitcoin hard to adopt as a means of exchange, rather than simply a store of value, are that prior to Lightning Network, transactions were both very slow and very expensive. Newer generation cryptocurrencies have addressed these issues to varying degrees. Anything Crypto measured transaction speeds for coins when transferred to […]

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Switzerland Working Group Helps Blockchain Companies Open Bank Accounts

Most people in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry know how difficult it can be to obtain a bank account. Banks are turning away these businesses out of fear that the companies will fold under regulatory pressure, or out of fear that cryptocurrencies represent perhaps the greatest threat to traditional, institutional banking in our lifetimes. Institutions […]

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Microsoft Launches Blockchain Solution for Content Rights & Royalties Management

Microsoft partnered with Ernst & Young (EY) to build a blockchain solution for the management of content rights and royalties management on Wednesday. Such a project could potentially replace the need for written agreements enforced through the court system, through the use of blockchain technology, smart contracts and code. The solution is already being tested […]

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Coinbase Cryptocurrency Custody Services May Attract Wave of Institutional Investors

Coinbase is vying for US regulatory approval of its digital asset custodianship services. If they meet the strict guidelines, they may attract a wave of new institutional investors to the industry. Competitors who are also in talks with regulators include Circle and BitGo. The investment bank, Nomura Holdings Inc. joined Ledger and Global Advisors in […]

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Overstock Ex-Chairman: Cryptocurrency is Like Cash, Good for Business

According to Jonathan Johnson, who now serves on Overstock’s board of directors, the company processes between $68,000 and $120,000 per week in cryptocurrency revenues, primarily through Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is just a fraction of Overstock’s overall business, comprising just 0.2 percent of its total revenue. Yet, even with declining prices for Bitcoin and the […]

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