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    John McAfee Exclusive Interview: Presidential Campaign and Crypto

    John McAfee had an exclusive interview with Larry Sharpe about crypto, privacy coins, and his libertarian campaign for President. In this interview, McAfee puts out a call-to-action for the small and elite segment of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who want to learn his secrets. He describes his new, decentralized crypto trading platform, and gives some tips on […]

    Social Media Marketing Success In A Few Simple Strategies

    Crypto News Website CCN Hit With Google Penalty

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator gets new engagement alerts, Custom Lists, more mobile search features

    Quick guidelines for getting users info they need in chatbots

    How can Amazon chip away at the duopoly?

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    •   Links, even within a website, show relationships between content. They transfer value and importance between pages. Even more importantly, internal links define your website’s structure. They help users to navigate and search engines to understand your website. A healthy internal linking strategy makes it easier for your pages to be indexed and to rank, as

    • Facebook released a new version of its Marketing API on Tuesday which includes updates that will give advertisers more insight into why an ad won’t deliver. Why advertisers should care Facebook’s Marketing API v3.2 will now alert advertisers if an ad fails to deliver and will offer more details on what happened. Part of the

    •   Marketers can now publish videos to their LinkedIn company pages directly from a Vimeo account via the ‘Publish to Social’ feature. Vimeo’s stat dashboard will also include metrics to show how videos are performing on LinkedIn and other social networks. Why marketers should care Vimeo announced on Monday that it is the first video

    • Content marketing platform Skyword and marketing insights platform TrackMaven announced their merger on Tuesday, saying the move will provide B2B and B2C marketers with a greater understanding of how their content is performing compared to competitors. In June, Skyword released the next generation of its platform, called Skyword 360, and last month it broadened into

    •   Supply-side platform Smaato announced Tuesday the addition of machine learning to its Automated Traffic Curation (ATC), a step that it says can “significantly” reduce the traffic overload for Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and result in better pricing matches for publishers. What this means. For the past year or so, the San Francisco-based firm has

    • Snap Inc. released its third-quarter earnings results on Thursday, reporting revenues of $297.6 million for the quarter — a 43 percent jump year over year, and new record. However, the company reported a loss of two million daily active users (DAUs) from last quarter, dropping to 186 million in Q3. Snap’s gradual revenue growth. At

    • Social media is a terrific breeding ground for travel envy — there is no faster way to find yourself wishing you were in a more exotic, warmer and more pleasant climate than to view someone else’s social media images of already being there. And among the social sites, Instagram, with its photo-centric orientation, has ben

    • Attribution is a pain point for companies of all shapes and sizes. There are so many options; so many decisions to be made, and there are no clear rules or parameters to guide you. There are no rules in the sense that there aren’t clear outlines for how to do attribution “correctly” because attribution can

    • No more data silos! That’s the key message from Tuesday’s LinkedIn State of Sales 2018 report. The platform commissioned research panel Market Cube to survey about 500 B2B sales professionals and 500 business decision makers to find out how buyers and sellers are working together and apart. Here’s what you need to know. Sales people

    • Within the search marketing space, there has been a lot of talk about voice search. Many are projecting voice search as the next big thing  – in fact, as the next marketplace disruptor. But the truth is, voice search probably isn’t going to be the next big thing. Yes, voice search is disrupting text-based searches,

    • Realeyes’ dashboard measuring the attention of a test viewer. As artificial intelligence (AI) its machine learning subset get more advanced, analytics get deeper and more nuanced. One proof point: Realeyes’ new technology that can tell advertisers if test viewers are paying attention or not. Emotional tracking is not new. Tobii has been offering eye tracking

    • It’s almost five months since Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. Although the initial buzz around the sweeping legislation has died down, we’ve seen momentum in the United States toward stricter state data privacy laws such as California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) as well as possible federal legislation. More laws, mean more tools.

    • In May, Adobe bought open source commerce platform Magento, creating a Commerce Cloud. On Tuesday, Adobe unveiled how it is integrating Magento into its Experience Cloud. In Adobe’s sky, there are clouds that contain other clouds. So, the Experience Cloud contains the Marketing Cloud, the Analytics Cloud, the Advertising Cloud — and, with the acquisition,

    •   Here’s our recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on MarTech Today, Marketing Land and other places across the web. From MarTech Today: IBM Watson give intelligent ads wider release, expands targeting Oct 5, 2018 by Barry Levine Watson Ads Omni, Media Optimizer and Predictive Audiences are now using Watson’s neural nets to

    • Facebook-owned Instagram reportedly is testing a new privacy setting that could lead to more targeted ads directed at consumers. The new privacy setting would enable Instagram to share users’ location history with Facebook. According to TechCrunch, that “means your exact GPS coordinates collected by Instagram, even when you’re not using the app, would help Facebook

    • This week, Pandora launched analytics tools for advertisers to use on its audio platform. The move represents another step in the platform’s ascendancy to a major platform for advertisers. It’s about time. Prior to this week, the streaming audio platform offered minimal online analytics to its advertisers, relying on offline impact and incremental visitation lift

    • The merger between social intelligence firms Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon — announced Thursday — will lead to a new platform that integrates social media listening and research about markets, brands and consumers. That’s according to Brandwatch CEO and co-founder Gilles Palmer. He acknowledged that both companies have essentially “solved the same problem” of helping brands

    • In the marketing world, you can’t go any further than the next trend piece or trade publication article before you read about artificial intelligence (AI). It’s said that AI will revolutionize the marketing tech stack; AI will help marketers tap into big data; AI is the key to unlocking the marketing potential of the IoT.

    • Pedowitz Group’s Chief Strategy Officer Debbie Qaqish presenting at the MarTech Conference in Boston. “Today’s CMO lives in a tech-infused world,” says Debbie Qaqish, the chief strategy officer for the Pedowitz Group. As a veteran marketing operations expert and author of “The Rise of the Revenue Marketer,” Qaqish believes the three primary challenges facing CMOs

    • Earlier this year at Google I/O, the company’s developer conference, Google demonstrated an AI technology called Duplex. The AI-powered conversational bot sounded indistinguishably like a human during recorded human-computer interactions over the phone. This was the Turing test realized. When I asked Google later about how it would handle the ethical issue of disclosure to

    • Last year Adobe launched Adobe Advertising Cloud TV to bring data-driven planning and targeting to video advertising across screens, including traditional TV (linear TV). Last week at an annual customer conference, the company announced a new round of partnerships and integrations, including offline measurement. Range of data partners. Adobe is integrating Nielsen national TV ratings,

    • Here’s our recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on MarTech Today, Marketing Land and other places across the web. From MarTech Today: For Scott Brinker, marketing is designed to balance the ‘4 Forces’ Sep 28, 2018 by Barry Levine In a recent essay, the MarTech Conference chair pointed to the necessary give-and-take between

    • Innovid’s OTT Composer screen, along with an interactive ad it created for Target The good news for TV watchers is that there are many different ways to watch Over-The-Top (OTT) television, the kind that comes to your TV, Roku box, Apple TV or computer over the internet. The bad news for advertisers is that there

    • Over the past few years, marketing has been transformed by new technology. And the flood of data makes it easier and more efficient to identify, reach and convert potential customers and stakeholders. With relative ease, marketers today can find those individuals who might most benefit from their company or organization’s products and services. From the