Why You Should Consider SONM Coins (SNM) – Cloud Computing on the Blockchain

Until recently, Amazon, Google and a few other centralized services have cornered the market in cloud computing. Cloud providers offer “pay-as-you-go” services where you pay for the computing power that you need, drawing from a network of available hardware. Amazon.com popularized the term cloud computing when it released its Elastic Compute Cloud in 2006 and […]

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Blockchain Took Center Stage at World Economic Forum, IoT Chain (ITC) Awarded Blockchain Excellence Award

The World Economic Forum held its 48th annual meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland this past week. Topics included expected subjects like renewable energy and UBI – Universal Basic Income provided by the governments of the respective countries. Cryptocurrency mining could arguably be considered a method for producing a basic income, assuming that people see value in […]

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Japan’s Largest Bank Opening Cryptocurrency Exchange and ICO, MUFG Coin

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), considered among the largest financial institutions in Japan has announced plans to launch its own Bitcoin and crypto exchange that will target retail and institutional investors. In addition, the company plans an ICO. Mainichi Shimbun, a leading newspaper in the country reported that MUFG was putting resources and a team […]

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Naysayers Are Losing the Argument Against Blockchain Technology

Try to Google “blockchain potential” and you will come across a barrage of articles hyping about Blockchain technology’s world altering and disruptive potential. While plenty of people are excited about the blockchain technology, there are millions others that are skeptical. Fortunately for us (and all of humanity), the naysayers are losing. Bitcoin’s price has surged […]

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