ICO Survival Guide for Ad Bans on Facebook, Mailchimp, Google & Twitter

Mailchimp has joined the bandwagon against ICOs by prohibiting email campaigns on their platform, according to the company’s acceptable use policy. This puts them in the same anti-crypto coalition as Facebook, Twitter and Google, with their plans to ban ICO ads. According to Mailchimp’s modifications to their Terms of Use, “we cannot allow businesses involved […]

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Lightning Network Surpasses Bitcoin Cash in Active Nodes, Signaling Widespread Adoption

The Lightning Network now has more nodes than Bitcoin Cash, suggesting widespread and adoption. In mid-January, there were only 29 nodes running Lightning Network on the Bitcoin mainnet. Now, just over two months later, it has 1,368 nodes, compared to 1,286 Bitcoin ABC nodes. There are already 29 insanely brave nodes running Lightning Network on […]

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#DeleteFacebook Campaign Creates Opportunity for Blockchain ICOs

Although it’s debatable whether Cambridge Analytica actually did anything outside of Facebook’s Terms of Service, with regard to how the organization collected and utilized customer data, the #DeleteFacebook campaign is very real. Highly influential people have joined the bandwagon, including tech titan Elon Musk who took down the Facebook pages for Tesla and SpaceX. Facebook […]

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Fujitsu Opens Blockchain Innovation Center in Belgium, Exploring Smart Cities, IoT and AI

While regulators in Japan are tightening up on the cryptocurrency and ICO industry, the Japanese IT manufacturer, Fujitsu has opened an international Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels, Belgium, according to a press release. Fujitsu describes itself as a “global information and communication technology (ICT) company.” As a leading ICT company in Japan, it offers a […]

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IBM Launches Affordable Blockchain Start-up Platform

IBM released a new blockchain product, targeted to start-ups that are not quite ready for their enterprise application development solution. In addition, IBM will offer new services that are designed to commercialize blockchain applications. Unlike the trustless public blockchains that underpin cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, IBM’s permissioned blockchain network limits the number of trusted […]

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Twitter to Join Facebook & Google in Banning Selected ICO & Cryptocurrency Ads

According to a report from Sky News, Twitter is expected to ban ICO advertising and most cryptocurrency exchange ads. Facebook was the first platform to make a major push against digital currency advertising, though there has been some speculation that the behemoth social media platform might release its own cryptocurrency or a possible partnership with […]

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