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How to Pay for Web Hosting With Bitcoin

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Believe it or not, you can pay for your web hosting account using bitcoin, if you know where to look. This is a great step towards decentralized living, and it’s easy to do.

Why to Pay for Hosting With Bitcoin

You can use cash if you want to. Or, you can use your crypto. If you use your bitcoin or other digital assets, then you’ll get use out of them. Decentralized payments are the future, so it’s good to start now. But there are real benefits, too. The most important benefit is perhaps your privacy. You may have reasons to protect your identity. For example, you may own a flower company, and a porn site. Both are legitimate, legal businesses. However, flower customers who learn that you also sling porn on the interwebs may be less likely to buy from you if they disagree with it on moral grounds.

Where to Pay for Web Hosting With Bitcoin

Be sure to read web hosting reviews before deciding on a web hosting company. Not every hosting service is the same, and there are many factors to consider. Besides the number-crunching power of a server, you have customer service to consider. Reviews can help you sift through the noise. Once you do, you can search for web hosting companies that accept bitcoin payments. Among them are:

Give it a shot, and get your online business up and running. This is important now that people are becoming used to staying at home. Ecommerce sales are way up, and retail will be a transformed environment in the very near future.

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