Bitcoin Hits 5-Day High While Other Cryptos Look Like Christmas

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A quick look at today’s Coin360 visual display of the Cryptocurrency Market shows a mix of green and red. But one thing is clear: Bitcoin broke $8,300, hitting a five-day high and maintaining its value over $8,000.

Within the day, the highest price was noted to be $8,354 while the lowest price was $8,158, still comfortably over $8,000.

According to Redditor and Bitcoin core developer, Greg Maxwell, people obsess far too much about the “51%” attack on BTC. In his view, the mystery behind the value of Bitcoin attracts, and distracts people. He argues that it reveals a significant lack of cryptocurrency-knowledge among people who have bought into the coin.

The Reddit post also mentions that Greg Maxell argued that any mechanism that would let you stop one party from having the authority would most probably let proof-of-work mining be replaced completely. 

Ether (ETH) went up slightly as well, by about 1.26% so far for today, and is trading at about $179 currently. It does not have any reports of noticeable price changes today, it is mainly staying near the $180 price point.  

On the contrary, Ripple (XRP) has reported a price decrease of around 2% today and is trading at $0.273 at this time. Ripple XRP has registered growth of around 7% based on the weekly chart and around 5.80% within the last month. 

Concurrently, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple which is the entity involved with the XRP token, said that Facebook won’t be able to successfully launch its digital currency, Libra before 2023.

No other coin on the list of the top-20 coins is showing growth with double-digits today, although some of the coins have better results compared to ETH and BTC. Tron (TRX), Cosmos (ATOM), and Dash (DASH) have gained good results today, getting growth by around 3.04%, 7.05%, and 2.87% in the same order, within the day. 

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