Anchor Labs, Telegram, EOS & Libra Highlights

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The custodian of the digital assets of application software developer Anchor Labs, has mentioned that they are the first qualified custodian for the GRM Token by Telegram’s Gram. The investors will now be able to buy new Grams from TON Reserve (Telegram Open Network) and existing Grams from the open market., EOS developer had introduced the release of EOSIO 2, the second version of the EOSIO open-source protocol. EOSIO is a smart contract protocol that is blockchain-based and is used to host and develop applications that have been decentralized. It uses a consensus algorithm that is called DPoS or Delegated Proof-of-stake.

Valdis Dombrovskis, the finance commissioner of the European Union pledged to bring new rules in regulating digital currencies like Facebook’s Libra. Valdis Dombrovskis told the EU lawmakers during a confirmation hearing that “Europe needs a common approach on crypto-assets such as Libra” and that he intends to propose new legislation on it.

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