Book Review: Digital Is the Cash

“Digital is the Cash” is a short, accessible read, looking at cryptocurrency from a vaguely African perspective, with a strong preference for Dash. “Understanding the Past, Present & Future of Finance in One Read,” boasts the subtitle of Digital is the Cash by Nathaniel Luz. Whether the book achieves this lofty aim is likely to […]

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The Three Most Controversial Bitcoin Price Models and What They Predict

Many are highly critical of the three highly popular models used widely by Bitcoin analysts — stock-to-flow, Hyperwaves, and Elliott Waves. There are several well-known Bitcoin price models and theories that are often highly debated and considered controversial. Models like stock-to-flow, Hyperwave and Elliot Wave typically predict large price movements in the medium- to long-term. […]

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Ledger Crypto Wallet Claims Purported Vulnerability Is User Experience Flaw

Ledger’s chief technology officer Charles Guillemet said that the recently revealed vulnerability is nothing more than a user experience flaw. Leading crypto hardware wallet producer Ledger has denied that its product’s transaction management software featured a double-spend vulnerability. According to Ledger’s CTO Charles Guillemet, the vulnerability recently revealed by software wallet ZenGo is — in […]

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