4 tips to avoid phishing attacks

Once a user identifies a phishing attempt, spreading the word online can assist in the security of everyone’s funds. Many crypto owners fall prey to common crypto theft schemes, including phishing traps. How can the average crypto user identify and avoid these attacks to prevent the potential loss of funds? Know the source Phishing emails are […]

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IPFS lead explains how malicious files are eliminated from its network

Decentralized ecosystems still need a way to deal with nefarious files. The InterPlanetary File System, or IPFS, helps decentralize the internet by making files available across multiple locations instead of through a single centralized point of failure. What happens if someone reports a problematic IPFS file, however? Dietrich Ayala, ecosystem lead for IPFS, explained the process: “Let’s say […]

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First ransomware attack in 2020 election hits voting infrastructure in Georgia

Key voting infrastructure of a county in Georgia has been impacted by a ransomware attack targeting local government networks. A ransomware attack targeting the government systems of Georgia’s Hall County also impacted key voting infrastructure it has been revealed. Local officials initially released few details regarding the Oct. 7 attack, stating that “critical systems within […]

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Fraudsters are switching from credit cards to Bitcoin, says consumer protection company

Scammers are taking advantage of one of Bitcoin’s strengths, as once lauded by Satoshi Nakamoto. Fraudsters are taking advantage of the irreversible nature of crypto transactions, says MyChargeBack’s vice president of global operations, Michael Cohen. When Bitcoin (BTC) was first envisioned, one of its selling points was the fact that it was offering better protection […]

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