Singapore’s largest bank reportedly launching crypto trading and custody

Another global bank believes that digital assets are the future of the global economy. DBS, Singapore’s largest retail and commercial bank, seems to be entering the cryptocurrency space with three new offerings. According to information seen by Cointelegrpah, DBS is launching cryptocurrency trading and custody as well as a platform for conducting security token offerings. […]

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Institutional investors plan to buy every Bitcoin price dip, data suggests

New survey data shows institutional investors intend to increase their Bitcoin allocations regardless of short term dips in BTC price. A new survey commissioned by crypto asset insurance company, Evertas, a cryptocurrency insurance firm, found that institutional investors plan to significantly increase their stakes in Bitcoin (BTC) and other digital assets in the future. After […]

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Central Bank Digital Currencies and Their Role in the Financial System

What are CBDCs and the risks they possess, and how might they reshape our economies? Central bank digital currencies are a digital representation of a country’s fiat currency. They are effectively a government-issued cryptocurrency designed to replace the traditional, physical form of fiat currencies. The term CBDC is broad because its implementation involves several critical […]

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