Vimeo integrates with LinkedIn to enable video publishing to company pages

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Marketers can now publish videos to their LinkedIn company pages directly from a Vimeo account via the ‘Publish to Social’ feature. Vimeo’s stat dashboard will also include metrics to show how videos are performing on LinkedIn and other social networks.

Why marketers should care

Vimeo announced on Monday that it is the first video platform to offer end-to-end integration with LinkedIn company pages, making it possible for paid subscribers to publish Vimeo videos directly to LinkedIn from their Vimeo accounts using the existing ‘Publish to Social’ feature.

Vimeo’s stats dashboard will also include LinkedIn analytics for marketers to see how their videos are performing on the social network aimed at professionals.

“Over the past year, Vimeo has invested heavily in building a central distribution hub for video content to be shared everywhere and across platforms. Our Publish to Social feature makes it possible for creators and businesses to reach audiences in more places, while also enabling them to better understand video performance,” said Vimeo CTO Mark Kornfilt in a release announcing the LinkedIn integration news, “We’re excited to be the first video platform to integrate with LinkedIn, and to extend this feature to an essential destination for professional content.”

LinkedIn first introduced native video uploading on its platform in March, allowing marketers to run native video ad campaigns and include native video on their Company Pages. At the time, LinkedIn reported video content on a Company Page was five times more likely to start a conversation among members than other types of content and members spent, on average, nearly triple the amount of with video content versus static ads.

More on Vimeo

  • Vimeo’s ‘Publish to Social’ feature also allows native uploads to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and now LinkedIn.
  • In May 2017, Vimeo extended Business Membership features, introducing interactive video cards, end screens and updated email capture features for paid subscribers.
  • A Vimeo Business account costs $50 per month and includes 5TB of video storage, busines tools for creating, distributing and customizing video content and advanced privacy and video-embed options.

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