Did Bitcoin prove itself to be a reliable store of value in 2020? Experts answer

Experts in blockchain technology and crypto take on the question of Bitcoin’s path throughout the year 2020. Without any doubt, the year 2020 was unlike any other year in the 21st century: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, global governments unstoppably printing money, “lockdowns” and “social distancing” becoming the new normal, protests against racial discrimination and police […]

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XRP the ‘third largest collapse of all time’ says The TIE’s Josh Frank

The token has lost more value than former commodities trading giant Enron. The XRP token’s market capitalization has fallen almost $130 billion since its all-time high in 2018, making the cryptocurrency project’s decline comparable to the collapse of major financial institutions. According to Josh Frank of crypto-focused research company The TIE, the project is experiencing […]

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