The curious case of Coinbase — employees driven out by ‘apolitical’ stance

Coinbase’s new “apolitical” culture has led to some employees taking severance packages, as the crypto community reacts with ambivalence. America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, made headlines over the past few weeks for an internal culture change that effectively told employees that there will be no space for social activism within its walls. Furthermore, a recently leaked […]

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BitMEX operator hires chief compliance officer amid US criminal charges

The hire comes after BitMEX’s founders were charged with failing to prevent money laundering and operating an unregistered trading platform illegally in the United States. The operator of crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX, 100x Group, has hired a seasoned Anti-Money Laundering (AML) specialist, Malcolm Wright, as its chief compliance officer. In an announcement on Oct. 12, […]

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Digital Assets Data CEO says mainstream finance still doesn’t trust Bitcoin

Bitcoin still has ground to make up in the mainstream world. Following the news of Fidelity Investments’ Bitcoin (BTC) fund filing, Mike Alfred, CEO of analytics outfit Digital Assets Data, described continued hesitancy in mainstream finance when it comes to Bitcoin.  “Many in the traditional financial services/asset management/wealth management verticals remain deeply skeptical of Bitcoin […]

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Revealed: How North Korean hackers launder stolen crypto

The techniques are sophisticated but crypto laundering cases are still relatively small. British multinational security company BAE Systems and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, have published a report revealing how cybercriminals launder cryptocurrency.  According to the study Follow the Money money laundering cases via crypto are still relatively small compared to […]

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