Getting Around the Google Ad Ban on ICO and Cryptocurrency Websites

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Google recently announced that it would lift its moratorium on certain types of cryptocurrency advertising. Specifically, Google will allow registered cryptocurrency exchanges to advertise in the US and Japan. In simple terms, if your company runs a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase that is registered and licensed, you can advertise. Licensure, such as BitLicense in New York, generally requires deep pockets, political connections, well-versed attorneys, abiding by rules and regulations set forth by bureaucrats, and a whole lot of luck. If you have an ICO, or some other type of cryptocurrency-related business or website, then you’ll probably find it impossible to advertise on Google and elsewhere. However, there are ways to drive traffic to your project or website, both organically and through paid advertising, all while staying above board with your business.

Quality Content is Still King

Content marketing to drive organic traffic through SEO still works, but it is time-consuming and resource-intensive if you want to get results. There’s a ton of low-quality content flooding the pages of Google and Bing, and people are starving for the best information. Don’t waste your time spinning articles from other websites into your own words, while producing zero new ideas. Instead, search for content that people want. What aren’t people writing about? Let’s say you’ve got an IoT-related ICO that you want to promote. Write an article about IoT that teaches people something new about the technology, or which gives them a new perspective on its future. Has anyone written about self-watering plants yet? If not, then that might be a good topic. Make your ICO secondary. Bring the right audience to your website – in this example, people who are interested in the Internet of Things – and some of them will explore your other pages. This leads us to the next strategy: related topics.

Build Content Around Related Topics

Rather than focusing on marketing material about your project, try crafting content around related topics that appeal to the audience you’re trying to reach. Let’s say you’ve just built a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Google won’t let you advertise it because it’s not licensed and registered (how can it be, it’s a decentralized exchange!). One technique you can use, is to create a website that’s completely separate from your project. In this example, you could create an e-zine about big data, and include articles on databases, decentralization, distributed ledgers and blockchain. There’s plenty to write about other than crypto, ICOs and digital currency exchanges. If you focus on the technology, your ads for this website might just get approved by Google. You can then start advertising it, and building an email list of subscribers. This audience would likely be relevant to your market, and you can include promotional materials about your decentralized exchange in the messages you send them through email marketing and social media.

Other Paid Advertising, Sponsorships and Press

Just because Google won’t let you play ball doesn’t mean that you can’t advertise elsewhere. If you’ve got an ICO, then there are plenty of avenues for traffic and advertising. You should list your project on Bitcointalk and if it’s legal where your business is registered, then you can consider launching a bounty hunter campaign. There are thousands of people online who will promote your ICO in exchange for some tokens. You can also list your website on ICO listings sites, and you can sponsor websites like Cash Tech News. Crypto-related websites will often have paid sponsorship opportunities, such as sponsored posts, and accelerated inclusion of your press release. Take advantage of these advertising opportunities and not only will you benefit from their traffic and audience, but you might even get some SEO benefits out of it.

It’s All About Building an Audience

Did I mention that you want to build an audience? That’s the key to success with your crypto business venture. You can attract people to your project through related topics, and if you follow the rules, you can even spend some money on digital advertising to get people onto your list. Then market the product you want to sell them, whether it’s a subscription to your cryptocurrency website, or an account on your Bitcoin exchange, or some tokens for your ICO. Do that, and you’ll be ahead of everyone else who’s given up because they failed to think outside the box.

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