Today In Data: FinTech’s Big Year, Halfway Through

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The year 2018 has been a been a big year for FinTechs, as investor interest has been strong, and consumers have apparently been interested in upgrading their tools and services. Digital commerce continues to grow, with subscription services showing particular strength – and digital payments continue to go contactless, though perhaps not in the ways initially expected. And though the challenges remain steep for banks and businesses keeping up with changing consumer demand, the rewards are getting ever richer.


$58 billion: Total investments in FinTech firms over the first half of 2018.

3,800: The number of credit unions that CO-OP serves nationwide.

85 percent: Average subscription renewal rate in American households.

40 percent: Share of Visa face-to-face payments made via contactless payments outside the U.S.

25 percent: Share of subscribers who report having more subscriptions now than they did six months ago.

Source: PYMNTS

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