Marketing and marketing ops: coming together like never before

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In a MarTech Live episode broadcast on the final day of the MarTech conference, we asked Chris Penn whether he saw the operational side of marketing aligning more closely with the campaign/creative side, simply because marketing ops and the marketing stack create opportunities (and place constraints) on what the marketing team can do.

Penn is co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at, and this was his reaction: “Absolutely it’s a real thing. The thing we always say when it comes to data, is that data without decisions is just a distraction. Data is your ingredients. What’s the point of buying more and more ingredients from the store if you never cook anything? We’ve bought 500 lbs of flour, perhaps we should try baking something with it. So you can see the logical progression: after operations comes deployment, is monetization.”

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A connected flow. Big data to big ops to big deployment (e.g. in campaigns) is Penn’s mantra. What’s critical is that this be a connected flow. Marketers planning campaigns in a silo, without consultation and collaboration with marketing ops, seems a recipe for disaster.

“It’s going to be very interesting,” said Penn, “because the operations side is going to be very intermingled with artificial intelligence, with the ability for machinery to do stuff at vast scales, like deploying a million advertisements all at once. That level of big marketing ops is where everyone will probably end up going to some degree — except for the small business folks who don’t need that scale.”

Why we care. If, as we believe, marketing is martech, marketing ops will increasingly be placed at the core of successful marketing teams, especially as emphasis is increasingly placed, by B2B as well as B2C, on digital marketing. It could well be the story of 2021.

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