deVere CEO says Bitcoin will rise 50% and ‘possibly double’ in 2021

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Another institutional financier has come out with a bold Bitcoin prediction.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) parabolic rally is only just getting started, according to Nigel Green, founder and CEO of the Dubai-based financial advisory firm deVere Group.

In an article that was published to Newsmax on Thursday, Green boldly proclaimed that Bitcoin will have another “record-breaking year” in 2021, with prices set to explode by at least 50% and “possibly double.”

He made the prediction just as Bitcoin peaked above $23,000 on Thursday for the first time ever. The flagship digital currency would go on to trade as high as $23,777 on Bitstamp before experiencing a minor pullback.

Based on current values, Green expects BTC to reach between $34,500 and $46,000 at some point next year. 

While acknowledging that Bitcoin won’t go up in a straight line, Green says the influx of institutional investors will lead to a groundswell of consumer interest, creating the perfect storm for price discovery.

He wrote:

“Some of the world’s biggest institutions – amongst them multinational payment companies and Wall Street giants – pile ever more into crypto, bringing with them their enormous expertise and capital, this in turn, swells consumer interest.”

Green’s deVere Group has spent quite a bit of time researching digital assets. Last month, the advisory firm released survey results showing that 73% of respondents are bullish towards cryptocurrencies, up from 68% in 2019. This so-called survey of millionaires underscores an important shift underway within smart-money circles.

Institutional demand has been a primary catalyst behind Bitcoin’s bull market and is one of the main reasons why the current uptrend differs markedly from the blow-off top in 2017.

Another major catalyst is the narrative that Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation and macroeconomic uncertainty — something Green touched upon in his article.

He explained:

“[…] with governments continuing to support economies and increase spending due to the pandemic, investors are increasingly going to look to Bitcoin as a hedge against the legitimate inflation concern.”

Source: , CoinTelegraph

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