‘First’ Collectible on Two Blockchains: ‘The Cutest Crypto Game’ Now Available on EOS

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The players can now breed both ETH and EOS-based virtual pets.

Blockchain Cuties, a decentralized crypto collectible game operating on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, has announced that it is now available on EOS. The developer company says the new step makes Blockchain Cuties “the first game which officially supports two blockchains simultaneously.” This is supposed to make transactions faster and the players can now breed both ETH and EOS-based cuties.

Non-fungible tokens support

The game announced that from now, players can log in to the game using their EOS Wallet and start breeding their first EOS cuties. Blockchain Cuties says importing the private key will take less than a minute – after entering the system the private key will be secured by storing locally. In order to start the game, the players should allocate CPU/Bandwidth and RAM – the resources that users have in the EOS blockchain. The company says that the amount of staked tokens can be “unstaked” at any time.

One of the main reasons why Blockchain Cuties decided to implement the EOS blockchain into the game was the non-fungible tokens support that the platform provides. “There are not many blockchain platforms that support such digital assets,” the company says. All the crypto collectibles, or Cuties, are non-fungible tokens that are unique and have cryptocurrency value. These tokens are represented as pets and cute animals that players can buy and sell to each other, or trade on the in-game marketplace. The players can also breed their own fantasy creature by adding mutations which makes their Cutie more expensive.

“Record-breaking” scalability feat

The company says another reason for the cooperation with EOS’ blockchain was its transaction speed, mass adoption and “record-breaking” scalability feat which could solve the scalability issues.

EOS is one of the first cryptocurrencies that implemented the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. The company hopes that this technology will allow the platform to enhance scalability up to “millions of transactions per second.”

Cuties as a trend

Blockchain Cuties was officially released in April 2018. It became a part of the decentralized crypto games trend started with the launch of CryptoPunks, the first blockchain game ever made, in June 2017. The developers offered to the players to collect, bid and sell digital punks. A few months later, in November 2017, CryptoKitties took over by creating their own market and valuable assets — crypto cats. The developers invented a pioneering approach — making Ethereum networking lag. As the result, CryptoKitties broke the record of a million unique virtual kitties which players bred. The most expensive asset was sold for more than 600 ETH, or about $170,000.

Blockchain Cuties became part of the next collectible games’ boom. They expanded the breeding feature from the kitties to other animals including lizards, puppies, bears, and fantastic creatures. Each non-fungible token has its unique genome that players decode, and each unique feature increases the price of the token.

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