Book Review: Digital Is the Cash

“Digital is the Cash” is a short, accessible read, looking at cryptocurrency from a vaguely African perspective, with a strong preference for Dash. “Understanding the Past, Present & Future of Finance in One Read,” boasts the subtitle of Digital is the Cash by Nathaniel Luz. Whether the book achieves this lofty aim is likely to […]

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Chinese Police Dismantle $14M Crypto Scam

The Chinese police busted a massive crypto scam in Wenzhou that managed to amass over $14.31 million. The Chinese authorities dismantled a significant crypto-related scam in Wenzhou. The scheme amassed over 100 million yuan ($14.31 million), which was seized along with a number of luxury cars and villas. According to Toutiao, the gang has been […]

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Exclusive: Liquid Network Gets Its First General-Purpose Javascript Library

A new Javascript library for Liquid could allow external developers to build a complete ecosystem around the heavily upgraded Bitcoin sidechain. Blockstream’s Liquid Network is now featuring its own Javascript library for developers to easily interact with the blockchain. Named LiquidJS, it was developed and announced by pTokens, an interoperability project working to bring assets […]

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Binance’s Second Acquisition of 2020 Is Related to Crypto Debit Cards

Binance will join Swipe’s board of directors, but the firm is “able to run the company independently from Binance.” The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has completed its second acquisition in 2020. Both acquisitions appear to further indicate Binance’s interest in crypto debit card issuance. After acquiring the industry’s most popular website, CoinMarketCap, in April […]

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