Pro Poker Player Goes All-In On Crypto: Lessons Learned

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Trading crypto is a lot like poker. Some people aren’t serious about it, and they participate for fun, or the thrill of gambling to win big. Others have real skills, based on statistics and analytics, and they use data to make decisions on whether to go all-in, hold, or fold. Alex Copenhagen (aka Alex Amarre) earned a living as a poker player for much of his professional life, until he decided to apply his analytical skills to cryptocurrency trading, and he hasn’t looked back.

Alex went on a trip to Thailand with several high-rollers and decided to stay there instead of returning to Copenhagen. Much of Alex’s online poker winnings were paid out to him in Bitcoin, eliminating some of the issues associated with crossing borders with large sums of cash or dealing with the hassle of bank wires. This made it easy for him to transfer his wealth to digital currency trading platforms while learning a new business.

At the time, Alex Copenhagen had over a hundred Bitcoins, which at its peak would have been worth approximately $2M. Today, those coins would be worth just over $600k. While this is a significant loss in value, it only drove Alex to improve his trading skills to earn back his net worth. Professional poker playing taught him the discipline required for successful crypto trading. As with poker, in crypto, you win some, and you lose some, and as long as you’re winning more than you’re losing, you’re doing okay. If you can improve your win/loss ratio, or if you can win big and lose small, by taking calculated risks, then you can do phenomenally well.

Watch the video to learn more about Alex Copenhagen’s journey into crypto trading, and how it compares to poker. In this first installment, he’ll let you know which coins he trades and some of the indicators he uses, as well as which platforms he likes best.

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