‘If the water’s too clean there’ll be no fish’: China’s CBDC may hurt Macau’s casinos

Macau’s gambling industry is reeling amid rumors that the city’s regulator is in talks with casino operators regarding the introduction of China’s digital yuan. China’s central bank digital currency is expected to further exacerbate Macau’s declining gambling revenues. According to a Dec. 2 article from Bloomberg, junkets — Macau businesses that act as middlemen to […]

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Chainlink brings Verifiable Randomness to Ethereum mainnet, keeps other chains in sight

Sergey Nazarov: there is a demand for Chainlink VRF from other chains like Matic. Chainlink’s verifiable randomness function, or VRF, has made its way to the Ethereum (ETH) main net. VRF will provide a decentralized source of randomness for the project’s decentralized ecosystem.  A trusted source of randomness is essential for many applications, such as those […]

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Fraudsters are switching from credit cards to Bitcoin, says consumer protection company

Scammers are taking advantage of one of Bitcoin’s strengths, as once lauded by Satoshi Nakamoto. Fraudsters are taking advantage of the irreversible nature of crypto transactions, says MyChargeBack’s vice president of global operations, Michael Cohen. When Bitcoin (BTC) was first envisioned, one of its selling points was the fact that it was offering better protection […]

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