Early Bitcoin Startup Investor Roger Ver on VeChain ICO

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VeChain is a blockchain technology company that may disrupt industries like liquor, agriculture and luxury goods. VeChain was established in Singapore in 2017, as a non-profit entity. This foundation is committed to VeChain’s construction and governance, transparency, development. Their mission includes promoting the safety and harmonious development of open source ecological communities. You may wonder how this caught the eye of Roger Ver, one of the most well-known crypto-investors who’s been around since the beginning.

As a team, VeChain strives to develop a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem in order to enable transparent information flow and efficient collaboration. This is where the blockchain comes in, and where the company provides value. Over the past two years, the company has gained ample experience through its technical upgrades, client’s expansion and strategic readjustments, as outline in their roadmap, below:

VeChain Roadmap

  • 2015.06: TPOC, initial VeChain design;
  • 2016.01: Ethereum TPOC approved, VeChain v0.1 development started;
  • 2016.06: VeChain v0.1 launched. Basic smart contract templates, blockchain explorer, standard blockchain API, Android app, 1st generation VeChain smart chip, 1st business implementation go-live;
  • 2016.09: VeChain v1.5 launched. Functional smart contract templates, re-adjust service infrastructure, API gateway, VeChain Dashboard, iOS app, 2nd generation VeChain smart chip
  • 2016.11: VeChain v2.0 launched. More smart contract templates, DBGP,DBMSP, and DGIP model launched.
  • 2017.05: VeChain v3.0 initiated. More business implementation cases such as luxury goods, automobile, agriculture and audit.

Future Development Roadmap

  • 2017Q4: BLACP, PBCP, DCCP, CHAOS go-live, 3rd generation smart chip, Asymmetric blockchain checksum, VeChain BaaS cloud platform launches, more business implementation cases;
  • 2018Q2: VeChain v3.0 go-live, Rust-restructure, VeChain Token (VET) related service including VeChain Token (VET) wallet, gas exchange, audit service, etc. VeChain Token (VET) launches, completing VeChain Token (VET) and ERC20 token 1 to 1 exchange.
  • 2018Q4: VeChain v4.0 go-live, achieve commercial ecological environment system integration platform. Integration with IoT, and more specific industrial blockchain cloud.

VeChain has a clear path towards adoption and implementation in various industries. This is worth considering when deciding whether to get into the VeChain ICO (VET, though sometimes listed as VEN).

So what does Roger Ver have to say about VeChain? For starters, as a voluntaryist, he’s most interested in blockchains because they enable permissionless P2P digital cash systems that are detached from the centralized, fiat systems that are commonplace today. Regarding VeChain, he sees it as a unique use case for blockchains, to stop the dispersal of counterfeit goods. The result? Peer-to-peer permissionless markets become more trustworthy.

Ver’s on a mission to keep his customers happy. His experience includes the position of CEO at MemoryDealers.com, a leading supplier of used Cisco memory and networking equipment. Perhaps this experience gives him the foresight to pick a winner in VeChain.

You can read about his thoughts on Bitcoin at his website RogerVer.com, where he reveals that he discovered Bitcoin in 2011 and considers the blockchain to be the most important invention in the world history after internet started. Roger became the prolific Bitcoin-related startup investor as his company, Memory Dealers was among the first mainstream business that accepted Bitcoin as payment. Roger has also funded the seed rounds for various other Bitcoin startups like CoinLab, blockchain.info and Ripple.

Want to get in on the VeChain ICO? Check out the tutorial at GetCrypto where you will find a three-parts guide on setting up the VeChain wallet, buying Ethereum and exchanging Etherium for VeChain. Is it worth investing in VeChain? Roger Ver seems to think so. here’s a nice summary video by Crypto Clarky on its viability as an investment:





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