Oops. Roger Ver Says Bitcoin.com’s Forum Closure Post Was Premature

Roger Ver says that Bitcoin.com’s forum closure announcement was premature, but the closure alert is still on the website. Roger Ver, executive chairman of major cryptocurrency website, Bitcoin.com, now says that Bitcoin.com’s forum closure announcement was premature. Yesterday, Bitcoin.com’s forum abruptly dropped an alert about the upcoming closure of the forum on July 23. Posted […]

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Bitcoin.com Forum Closes on July 23

Bitcoin.com’s forum will close in one month. The Bitcoin.com forum, one of the most popular forums in the crypto community, has abruptly announced closure. A place for the heated debates and thoughtful cryptocurrency-related discussions, Bitcoin.com’s forum will terminate its services on July 23, 2020. The news was reported by the forum’s administrator in a thread […]

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YouTube Bans Bitcoin.com’s Account for ‘Basically No Reason’, Roger Ver Says

YouTube seems to continue its shadow crackdown on cryptocurrency coverage, as it shuts down the official channel of Roger Ver’s Bitcoin.com. YouTube has shut down the official channel of cryptocurrency news-focused website Bitcoin.com for “a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service”.  According to a statement Bitcoin.com executive chairman Roger Ver uploaded to Reddit earlier today, […]

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