Future elections could be held on the Cardano blockchain, says Hoskinson

That being said, scaling decentralized e-voting systems is a complex task. In an interview with Cointelegraph, Charles Hoskinson suggested that a Cardano-based solution might make blockchain voting possible for future national elections. He stated: “Not only do I believe — we’ve been building the infrastructure for that.” Hoskinson acknowledged that the road to Cardano-based elections would be […]

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Polkadot’s Substrate 2.0 integrates oracles at a protocol level

The blockchain can now see its environment. The Polkadot team released on Wednesday a major milestone for its Substrate blockchain framework, which now provides a way for blockchain applications to interface with the outside world without relying on external oracle providers. Substrate is the name used for Polkadot’s blockchain building framework. It provides developers with […]

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