Square launches cryptocurrency patent alliance to fight the trolls

Square is launching a consortium to pool patents and democratize access to innovative blockchain technologies Square, the U.S.-based financial services company headed by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, is establishing a consortium to fight patent trolling and ensure open access to technology in the crypto sector. The ‘Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance’ (COPA) seeks to democratize access to […]

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Ex-CIA agent drags Microsoft’s crypto patent into right-wing conspiracy

Cryptocurrency mining technology, Marina Abramovic and Bill Gates provide new fodder for far-right conspiratorial politics. Cryptocurrencies are not immune to the feverish climate in 2020 — a year in which the line between mainstream politics and an online morass of conspiratorial theories is becoming ever more blurred. Former CIA counterintelligence and staff investigator Kevin Shipp, […]

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MasterCard Asia files patent for Tangle-based device billing system

Blockchain could help shared device merchants avoid credit card fees, MasterCard says. MasterCard’s Singapore-based subsidiary filed a patent with the U.S. Patent Office detailing a payment system for using hardware devices that specifically mentions Iota’s (MIOTA) Tangle technology.  The patent claim, published on Aug. 20, proposes a pay-as-you-go system that uses a “transparent data storage […]

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US Rep. Darren Soto is excited about the recent USPS blockchain voting patent

Can blockchain help settle the mail-in voting debate? The United States Postal Service, or USPS, recently filed a patent for a mail-in voting system that utilizes Blockchain and other technologies for verification. Responding to an inquiry from Cointelegraph, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 9th district, Darren Soto, voiced his excitement about this prospective development. “I think […]

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