OneCoin marketing guru in plea talks

The “public face of OneCoin” is in plea talks for a range of charges According to court reports from Friday, yet another suspected player behind the OneCoin ponzi scheme is now set to face justice.  On Friday, counsel for marketing guru Karl Sebastian Greenwood and US prosecutors informed Manhattan Judge Edgardo Ramos that the two […]

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Bitcoin and blockchain topics to discuss with the crypto curious this Thanksgiving

Experts explain how to address common questions newcomers may have regarding bitcoin and the blockchain space. With Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent price movements drawing fresh attention to the blockchain industry, conversations centered around cryptocurrency have once again begun to see an uptick. Google Trends data shows that searches for the term “Bitcoin” have increased to yearly highs […]

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Ex-Goldman Sachs exec believes that his decentralized clearing house can rescue DeFi from oblivion

“I have seen this movie before,” said the ex-banker with reference to DeFi. Revolution Populi has released layer one of a blockchain solution that the founding team believes could be used as a clearinghouse for crypto and traditional financial transactions.  The protocol iterates over the delegated proof-of-stake consensus used by EOS, which employs 21 block producers. […]

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