Major anime platform incorporates crypto and NFTs to ebook market

Distributed ledger technology will also enable rights holders to receive royalties from resales. MyAnimeList, an active online community for anime and manga with an estimated 10 million North American users, is incorporating cryptocurrency payments into its ecosyste. In a Dec. 2 press release, blockchain platform Digital Entertainment Asset announced a partnership with MyAnimeList parent company […]

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Illicit crypto transactions are getting more attention from the government

The IRS has a strong interest in receiving information from informed whistleblowers about offshore crypto accounts and criminal crypto tax activity. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced governments worldwide to focus on bringing blockchain technology to their financial services, along with the needed regulatory upgrades to keep the burgeoning fintech industry clean. Related: Not like before: […]

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India’s Complex Relationship with Crypto

The purported crypto ban represents the latest shaky step for the Indian government. A blow was struck to the crypto community in India in late April as reports circulated regarding a proposed ban on cryptocurrencies. India has a strong and passionate community of crypto enthusiasts, however, their steadfast belief in the value of cryptocurrency does […]

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