Ukrainian government sponsors educational web show about cryptocurrencies

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The course teaches citizens the basic concepts and ideals of cryptocurrencies.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation released a web series to educate citizens about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Bitcoin (BTC).

The show premiered on Wednesday and was developed in collaboration with Binance, Hacken and Crystal Blockchain as part of the Ukrainian government’s “Diia.Digital Education” program.

The show consists of eight episodes of six to 12 minutes each that explain the basic concepts of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The show is hosted by Andriy Onistrat, an entrepreneur and former banker, who interviews guests working in the blockchain industry.

The first episode, available on YouTube, introduces the concept of cryptocurrencies as a permissionless, unstoppable transaction ledger. Special consideration is given to the concept of supply auditability, with Onistrat noting that the National Bank of Ukraine could always decide to vastly increase the supply of the hryvnia, Ukraine’s national currency. Ivan Paskar, Binance marketing manager in Ukraine, explains how Bitcoin maintains an immutable, auditable supply.

The duo talked about more complex ideas as well, mentioning Ethereum, smart contracts and decentralized exchanges. Despite the newbie-friendly format of the show, Onistrat still asked Paskar some tougher questions — for example, how the ideals of decentralization and freedom can be reconciled with the identification requirements seen in many centralized exchanges.

Viewers receive a certificate of completion upon going through all the episodes. The initiative is part of the Ukrainian government’s push to achieve digital literacy in the country. Other shows offered by the ministry include “digital lessons for teachers” and “how to become a YouTube blogger.”

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine previously pushed for clearer regulations for cryptocurrency businesses in the country, which led some to conclude that the country is well-positioned to attract a thriving crypto ecosystem. Binance has been collaborating with the ministry since last year when it signed a memorandum of understanding to help design the country’s cryptocurrency regulation.

Source: , CoinTelegraph

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