Review: PoochPlay is your dog’s very own fitness tracker

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We’ve covered a wide range of connected devices on IoT News, but the PoochPlay marks the first wearable designed for our canine friends.

The best way to describe PoochPlay is a Fitbit for dogs. It’s a simple device which attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks activity/rest per day.

Using a replaceable CR2032 battery, the device lasts six months – beating many human fitness trackers. Data is transferred seamlessly to an accompanying smartphone app which provides a slick visual experience personalised to your specific dog.

What’s most impressive about the app is the built-in databases. PoochPlay provides in-depth knowledge of over 240 individual breeds and support for every dog food I could think of to chuck at it.

Once you’ve put in your dog’s breed and food, the app will tell you how many grams of said food you should be providing it per day. This value dynamically changes based on how active, or not, your dog has been.

By updating your dog’s weight, a scale will show whether your dog is underweight, overweight, or in the normal range for its breed and age.


PoochPlay aims to be an all-in-one solution for keeping on top of your dog’s health. A ‘personal assistant’ section allows reminders to be added for things such as brushing teeth, cleaning ears, scheduled baths, clipping nails, worm treatment, and vaccination appointments.

Fitness trackers can be notoriously inaccurate and even testing human trackers can be somewhat difficult. Someone needs to buy me a beer for getting down on all fours and doing a lap of the office wearing a dog collar.

The steps I tracked were almost spot on, all but for a couple. Dogs are more unpredictable, however, and could do things which skew the results. Ours likes to have a scratch which sends the collar spinning round, something which is sure to add on many extra “steps”.


Overall, the PoochPlay is an impressive little device. Results may not be exact, few retail trackers are, but it provides far more insight than no tracker whatsoever. With little competition in the market, it’s the best current solution available.

PoochPlay says their device can add up to two years to a dog’s life. It’s a bold claim, but it certainly helps to keep on track of your beloved pet’s health.

The device is designed to be ‘totally dog-proof’ so it can handle swims and impromptu rolls in mud. It’s currently £39.99 ($52.39) and is available in black, blue, pink, or white to match your pooch’s style.

You can watch our video review of the PoochPlay below:

Visit their website here for more information or to grab your own.

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