Italy to Enter European Blockchain Partnership, Local MP Confirms

Italy will join an EU blockchain partnership with 26 member states, local MP Mirella Liuzzi confirms in an interview. Italy is about to enter the European Blockchain Partnership, according to the country’s Member of Parliament (MP) Mirella Liuzzi, as cited by Cointelegraph Italy Thursday, September 27. According to Liuzzi, the partnership — a collaboration of […]

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Chinese State Bank Uses Blockchain to Issue Digital Mortgages Worth $1.3 Billion

The Chinese Bank of Communications has successfully finished the first issue of a digital mortgages pack on blockchain worth approximately $1.3 billion. The Chinese state-owned Bank of Communications (BoCom) has successfully issued $1.3 billion of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) using blockchain technology, national securities outlet China Securities Times writes Wednesday, September 27. BoCom — the […]

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Marsh Confirms IBM Blockchain Insurance Partnership to Include Salesforce

IBM and Marsh’s blockchain-based commercial insurance partnership will leverage Salesforce links, the companies have confirmed. Global insurance brokerage and risk management firm Marsh announced it would extend its partnership with IBM as part of its proof-of-insurance blockchain solution, a press release confirmed Wednesday, September 26. Marsh, which began working with IBM in April this year […]

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Deep Dive: A Subscription Prescription For Medical Efficiency

Subscriptions offer consumers access to a steady supply of products, from food preparation and cosmetics to clothing and more. It now appears medical care could be the latest business disrupted by them. Subscription medicine — also called “membership medicine,” “concierge medicine” and “direct primary care” — allows patients to pay a monthly, quarterly or annual […]

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Big Bank Collaboration Not The Inevitable Path For B2B FinTech Firms, Qonto Says

In some markets, new entrants into the financial services (FinServ) market went from bank competitors to bank collaborators, seemingly overnight as traditional financial institutions (FIs) realized the potential in acquiring FinTech firms to bolster their own services. However, the competitive spirit isn’t gone, particularly in France, where challenger bank Qonto operates. The company, which recently […]

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Blockchain and crypto: Which technologies should we be talking about?

Despite mainstream viability of cryptocurrencies continuing to hang in the balance, applications for blockchain in business and technology continue to emerge at an incredible pace. There are now endless uses for blockchain technology, including transportation, data sharing and storage, real estate, healthcare, gaming, mining and more as traditional businesses are slowly increasing their focus on […]

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