Soft Launch: Amazon Scout Competes With Pinterest in Ecommerce Shopping Environment

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Jeff Bezos has been busy building stores, and rockets, and distribution centers, and a knockoff of Pinterest. He’s a bit late to the game, but that has never stopped Amazon from figuring out ways to monetize on improvements to existing technology. They took ecommerce to a whole new level, and now dominate the realm of online shopping. They took smart speakers and turned them into smart, voice shopping portals. And now, they took a clever way to share pictures and may turn it into an ecommerce engine.

Amazon Scout is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an AI-enabled picture-pinning and shopping experience that lets users browse Amazon’s inventory and share those pictures that they like, voting them up or down according to their tastes.

The process is simple: select a category, like “area rugs” and either upvote or downvote each image that you see. The recommendations engine will then take your feedback and it’ll begin to present you with its best guesses for products you do like.

While this sounds like at its core, it is just a repackaging of existing technology, it is actually a completely new way to filter for products. On a traditional ecommerce website, you’ll filter by color, size and other attributes. With Amazon Scout, you filter by selecting products that you like. Start upvoting lots of gray, rectangular end tables and guess what… you’ll see recommendations for… wait for it… gray, rectangular end tables. This sounds so simple that it might actually work well, turning shopping into an engaging experience. It won’t be long before someone knocks off Amazon Scout and creates ecommerce plugins for Shopify, Magento and other platforms.

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