Jobless South Korean University Graduates Are Increasingly Interested in Blockchain

Can blockchain cure the country’s job creation woes? Daejeon University is the latest in a series of South Korean universities redesigning portions of its finance and technology departments. The university made an official announcement on May 25 that it would open a new fintech department called “Future Convergence.” According to the announcement published by Daejeon […]

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Algorand Targets Insurance Fraud With New Partnership

Blockchain firms Algorand and Attestiv are teaming up to fight insurance fraud using DLT. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) firm Algorand has partnered with blockchain-based tamper-proof media verification platform Attestiv to target fraud within the insurance industry. The firms will combine their tech to develop a single platform for verifying digital media for a multitude of […]

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New Blockchain Marketplace Aims to Tackle Morality Issues of Deepfake Media

Cointelegraph interviewed Arif Khan, CEO of blockchain marketplace Alethea AI, about how to address the legal and moral quagmire that “deepfakes” have created. A blockchain-based marketplace is  today launching for creators of “synthetic media,” a term used to describe video, image or voice material generated through artificial intelligence algorithms. On May 15, Cointelegraph interviewed Arif […]

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