TrueUSD Trading Live on Bittrex – USD Backed Crypto

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Now, traders can easily and quickly trade into a stable coin that is 100% legally backed by US Dollars. This is a big step in TrustToken’s mission to enable a long-awaited price-stable trading instrument for cryptocurrency traders.

A big thanks to the Bittrex team for their enthusiasm and efforts to launch this trading pair.

Trade the pair live on Bittrex now (BTC/TUSD)

What is TUSD?
TrueUSD is made possible by “tokenizing” US Dollars through TrustToken’s legal and technical platform. TrustToken is a platform to tokenize real-world currencies (such as USD and Yen) and assets (such as real estate, art, and IP).
TrueUSD is a price-stable cryptocurrency backed by US Dollars. Each 1 TUSD is redeemable for $1.00 USD.

Currently, Bitcoin / Tether (BTC/USDT) is the world’s highest-volume trading pair across all cryptocurrency exchanges according to the CoinMarketCap 24-hour trading volume rankings. There is clear demand to quickly trade between cryptocurrencies and US dollars. TrueUSD (TUSD) provides traders a simple and more secure way to do that.

TrueUSD offers token-holders full collateral, regular auditing, and legal protections to redeem TrueUSD for USD. If you hold TrueUSD tokens, pass a KYC/AML check, and comply with our terms of use, you have a legally enforceable right to redeem those tokens for the money in the TrueUSD escrow accounts.

Why is TrueUSD launching on Bittrex first?
We’ve audited Bittrex’s KYC / compliance practices and found them to be best in class.

We share Bittrex’s commitment to prioritize regulatory compliance and appreciate their leadership in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulation. We believe that proactively understanding and complying with regulatory guidelines is the best long-term strategy for token issuers, traders, and exchanges.

Bittrex is the largest cryptocurrency exchange (by trading volume) in the United States.

Bittrex is frequently used by institutional traders. TrueUSD exchange for USD is available on for high-volume individuals and institutions. Retailer traders will be able to purchase and sell TrueUSD on Bittrex. TrueUSD is held in escrow accounts that are familiar to funds and institutional traders. This new trading pair adds to Bittrex’s strong appeal to institutional traders.

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