Torque Capital Partners Announces Blockchain Partnerships: Matrix AI Network, CPChain & Zebi

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Torque Capital Partners, a Venture Capital firm that focuses on blockchain projects has announced three new partnerships. These include Matrix AI Network, CPChain and Zebi.

TCP is a group that funds projects of the future. Their organization includes investors, influencers and specialists who partner with top blockchain projects, worldwide. They invest between $500k to $10 million into each project they engage in, and include advisory services, getting tokens listed on the various cryptocurrency exchanges and connecting projects with social media influencer networks. Currently, TCP has contributed over $100 million to different blockchain projects. These include:

  • ICON
  • WABI
  • ZEBI

Matrix AI Network

Matrix AI Network seeks to compete with Ethereum and NEO, and trades on IDEX. It has a total supply of 250 million MAN and a 24-hour volume of $419k USD according to CoinMarketCap. It’s touted as an intelligent blockchain platform that seeks to solve four blockchain problems: slow transaction speed; smart contract programming barriers; the lack of security in smart contracts; and the inflexibility associated with managing and updating blockchains. Features include intelligent contracts, AEGIS, Wormhole Network, and Darwinian Evolution.


CPChain is backed by the organizations behind VeChain, Qtum and High Performance Blockchain. The project’s goal is to be the dominant Chinese IoT blockchain platform to compete with IOTA. It trades on IDEX and Bibox. It has a $52M market cap, and a total supply of 1 billion CPC according to CoinMarketCap. Its goal is to provide a one-stop solution for IoT infrastructure by integrating IoT with blockchain technology. The platform intends to build a data platform for IoT systems that includes distributed storage, encryption, data acquisition, and application sharing. The goal will be to disrupt the “chimney architecture” of IoT and to reduce connectivity costs for devices while protecting data privacy and maximizing the value of IoT data.


Zebi is a blockchain project in India that has a working product, and a government contract with Andhra Pradesh. The project has just begun its ICO phase and has raised 2,027 ETH (almost $2M USD) since it launched on March 4. The Zebi ecosystem includes two interconnected components: Zebi Chain and Zebi Data Gateway. It uses a consent-based exchange to pass information between data providers and requestors. Zebi Chain is a satellite application that is installed on location with data providers to provide immutability using a blockchain-based ledger. The Zebi Data Gateway connects the Zebi Chain installations together and with data requestors. The gateway is what’s used to facilitate instant data exchange using a DaaS API.

To keep up with their growth, Torque has hired two new fulltime staff to manage research and operations. They have also expanded their content management, PR and marketing budgets and have other partnerships in process. In 2017, VC firms have backed over 59 blockchain projects according to Fortune, and as many as 77 for the year, up from 57 projects in 2016. We can expect VC firms to become more aggressive in 2018 as the industry is booming.

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