BlitzPredict (BPZ) Sportsbooks & Analytics ICO Pre-Sale – What You Need to Know

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The BlitzPredict (BPZ) ICO pre-sale starts tomorrow, with a 10,000 ETH hard cap. They will produce 1 billion BPZ tokens, selling off up to 150 million in the pre-sale, and 150 million in the token sale that follows. The rest will be held for 2 years or more, and distributed to staff, partners and advisors.

BlitzPredict is not the first to market with a sports betting ICO. Another popular project, Wagerr came out with a similar ICO last year. However, BlitzPredict does approach the problem from a unique angle, making it something to consider among competing ideas.

Smart Contracts for Smarter Predictions

The CEO of BlitzPredict is Brett Richey, a professional poker player with 11 years under his belt. With that much experience, it’s easy to recognize problems to solve in an industry. The company sees central authorities that require trust, and which create liquidity issues for users as a major problem to solve with traditional sportsbooks. In addition, it can be time-consuming to scan multiple sportsbooks to find the best line. Sports-analytics have the opposite problem; they’re not centralized, and finding good data is a process.

BlitzPredict aggregates multiple sportsbooks. This enables the user to find the best line from a number of sources in one place. In other words, you get the best odds at any given time when placing your bet. Using ERC-20 based smart contracts, the system is designed to pay users immediately at the conclusion of an event.

In addition to the payments piece, BlitzPredict seeks to incentivize sports experts and enthusiasts to share their predictive models and data. This incentive would theoretically create a central analytical resource for users to inform their betting decisions.

Board of Directors

This project includes experts in blockchain technology, ICOs and gambling on its board. The CTO, David Carley is a blockchain developer, offering a nice balance to Brett Richey’s poker background. The board of directors includes heavy hitters like Eyal Hertzog, the Co-founder of Bancor, a place where you can convert your various Ethereum tokens from one to another, and Phil Hellmuth, an American professional poker player who has won fourteen World Series of Poker bracelets, the the main winner of the World Series of Poker and the World Series of Poker Europe.

Should You Buy Into the BPZ ICO?

We don’t offer financial advice, but we do like this project. Sports betting is a fun activity that is enjoyed around the world, and having a technological solution makes it better than going to your local bookie for so many reasons. You could get better odds, better information, and faster payouts. If the project is successful, it could completely disrupt the world of sports betting and gambling by enabling people to interact in a trustless system, while sharing data and making informed decisions. Take a look at the BlitzPredict white paper, and decide for yourself.

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