0x charts path towards cross-chain asset exchange and liquidity aggregation

The interoperability protocol seeks to expand beyond Ethereum and create cross-chain functionality In a blog post on Friday, 0x Labs product manager Theo Gonella laid out the protocol’s ambitious plans to direct development towards a promising, if technically tricky horizon for permissionless exchange: seamlessly connecting the growing constellation of viable layer-1 blockchain platforms. The Ethereum-based […]

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Augur Deploys V2 Upgrade, Integrates Features From DeFi

Decentralized prediction market platform Augur has completed its v2 upgrade, introducing a host of DeFi features onto the platform. Decentralized predictive betting market platform Augur (REP) has announced the successful deployment of its v2 upgrade. The upgrade is intended to address bugs and vulnerabilities identified with the existing platform and its rules surrounding betting markets, […]

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Crypto Prediction Markets Face Competition From Facebook ‘Forecasts’

Facebook’s Forecast app has been launched in beta even as the blockchain-based Augur platform readies for its v2 revamp. Facebook’s research and development engineers have launched a community platform built around predictions, encroaching on the territory of the emerging crypto-powered predictive market sector. Dubbed ‘Forecast’, Facebook’s new iOS app polls users on a variety of […]

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Traditional Stock Market Valuation Techniques Reveal Overvalued DeFi Projects

Though cryptocurrencies are difficult to evaluate properly, DeFi protocol revenue allows stock market measures like P/E to be used. While it is difficult to define the intrinsic value of most cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, or DeFi, tokens appear to be an important exception. As explained by Lucas Campbell, analyst at Fitzner Blockchain Consulting, in his Bankless […]

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