Russia’s Blockchain E-Vote Participants May Have Had Their Private Data Leaked

Russia’s blockchain vote experiences yet another hiccup, as e-constituents’ personal data is reportedly exposed. Personal data for over a million Russian nationals has reportedly been leaked. The data allegedly belongs to some of the citizens who participated in the recent blockchain-based e-vote on Constitutional amendments. The archive was reportedly available for everyone to download  According […]

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Ledger Crypto Wallet Claims Purported Vulnerability Is User Experience Flaw

Ledger’s chief technology officer Charles Guillemet said that the recently revealed vulnerability is nothing more than a user experience flaw. Leading crypto hardware wallet producer Ledger has denied that its product’s transaction management software featured a double-spend vulnerability. According to Ledger’s CTO Charles Guillemet, the vulnerability recently revealed by software wallet ZenGo is — in […]

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Russia’s Blockchain Voting System Let Users Decrypt Results Before Count

According to local reports, the blockchain-based system allowed constituents to decipher their own private votes or let third-parties do so. Russia’s blockchain-based voting system for the constitutional amendments had a vulnerability that reportedly made it possible to decipher votes before the official count.  Constituents could decipher their own private keys  According to research by Russia-language […]

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This Researcher Says Bitcoin’s Elliptic Curve Could Have a Secret Backdoor

According to one of the world’s leading cryptographers, Bitcoin’s elliptic curve could have a secret backdoor, invalidating all underlying security. One of the world’s top cryptographers believes that Satoshi Nakamoto chose Bitcoin’s (BTC) elliptic curve either for its efficiency or because it may offer a secret backdoor. Elliptic curve is worth $ billions A Bitcoin […]

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