How Cryptocurrency Funds Work

Cryptocurrency funds have some key differences from traditional investment funds, and we’ve laid them all out along with how you can get involved. Cryptocurrency funds are a new type of investment vehicle that parallels traditional portfolio investments, like hedge funds, but are composed entirely out of digital assets. Because of this, they play by slightly […]

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Derivatives Traders May Have Manipulated COMP Rally

Some analysts believe that Compound’s Governance Token’s dramatic rally and crash may have been engineered by derivatives traders. A number of analysts have suggested the meteoric price performance of the Compound Governance Token (COMP) may have been orchestrated using derivatives. After initially changing hands for approximately $80 each upon its June 18 listing on Poloniex, […]

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Redactions Granted in Telegram Case To Protect ICO Participants

Sensitive documents outlining the proprietary investment strategies of Telegram ICO participants have been redacted from the case with the SEC. A U.S. District Judge has approved the majority of redaction requests received during the proceedings surrounding the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit against messaging firm Telegram over its $1.7 billion initial coin offering (ICO). […]

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