Coinbase Exec Says Capital Will Flee US Due to Crypto Tax Laws

Coinbase’s chief tax officer Lawrence Zlatkin says global customers are the future as non-U.S. jurisdictions are more open-minded. Coinbase, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, believes other countries are much more open-minded in terms of crypto regulation and taxes than America.. Lawrence Zlatkin, chief tax officer at Coinbase, shared the exchange’s outlook on taxation and the […]

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South Korean Economist Warns New Tax Laws May Slow Down Crypto Market Growth

South Korea economist worries that tough regulation would slow down crypto’s growth. The South Korean government recently announced their intention to impose a tax on cryptocurrency, leading to backlash. Korean Yonsei University economist, Sung Tae-yoon, warned that the decision to tax crypto capital gains may slow the technology’s emerging market, according to Koreatimes on June […]

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