Crypto regulation now more institution-friendly, METACO head explains

Future crypto guidelines remain uncertain, however. Regulatory activity has surfaced on many levels in crypto this year. Government agencies have provided clarity and executed enforcement and discussed new actions. Such regulation has widely impacted the industry, in part affecting big players entering the sector, according to METACO’s vice-president of sales and business development, Seamus Donoghue. “Regulatory barriers […]

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Blockstack (STX) rallies 85% as fundamentals improve ahead of mainnet launch

In the past month, Blockstack (STX) token quietly rallied 85% as network fundamentals improved and a key mainnet launch approaches. Blockstack (STX) might not be on every investor’s radar, but the 72nd-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization has been doing some serious work behind the scenes. Blockstack (STX) 1-month chart. Source: The company behind the […]

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