Venezuela May Soon Be Collecting Taxes in Crypto

Venezuelan mayors agreed to join the government’s plan to expand the adoption of Petro despite some municipalities not having the technology to handle it. The Bolivarian Council of Mayors in Venezuela signed the so-called “National Tax Harmonization Agreement” for 305 municipalities in the country, including the Petro (PTR) as a means to collect payments of […]

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Venezuela Raises Petrol Prices, Mandates Support for Petro at Gas Stations

Venezuelan petrol stations now support the state-issued Petro cryptocurrencies, however, the rollout comes amid an aggressive adjustment to the country’s petrol regime. Venezuela has announced that petrol stations across the nation will sell gasoline at a reduced price in exchange for the country’s state-issued, oil-backed cryptocurrency, the Petro. However, the announcement comes alongside the removal […]

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Venezuela Appears to Have Hard Forked The Petro

Signs indicate that Venezuela’s state-backed cryptocurrency quietly underwent a hard fork earlier this month. On May 5, Venezuela’s government announced that its controversial oil-backed cryptocurrency, El Petro, would go offline for maintenance until May 10. However, observers have since identified that the official Petro block explorer now lists May 5, 2020, as the date that […]

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Bitcoin Acceptance Skyrockets in Venezuela Amid Hyperinflation Crisis

As Venezuela’s economy continues to endure hyperinflation, more businesses start accepting crypto. Over 20,000 shops and enterprises in Venezuela will reportedly start accepting crypto by June 1. This news was made available as part of an effort to drive crypto adoption in the hyperinflation-stricken country.  Earlier today, Panama-based cryptocurrency merchant gateway startup, Cryptobuyer, announced a […]

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