Coin Mixer’s Record-Breaking Month Proves Bitcoin Users Want Anonymity

Samourai Wallet’s Bitcoin mixing CoinJoin service saw its monthly volume triple to over $10 million during March. Volume for Samourai Wallet’s non-custodial Bitcoin mixer, Whirlpool, tripled last month, with the service processing more than $10 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC). According to data published to Twitter by Whirlpoolstats’ Matt Odell, March activity  comprised 40% of […]

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The Law Enforcement’s Guide to Policing Crypto Cybercrimes

Partnerships, deanonymization and transaction pattern analysis: What else do international police use to detect crypto cybercriminals? 2019 demonstrated that cyber-attacks are getting more numerous in the cryptocurrency industry, while hardware remains vulnerable and high-profile data leaks are becoming more common. Even worse, the trend is a continuing one.  Way back in June 2018, Kaspersky Lab […]

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