OneCoin marketing guru in plea talks

The “public face of OneCoin” is in plea talks for a range of charges According to court reports from Friday, yet another suspected player behind the OneCoin ponzi scheme is now set to face justice.  On Friday, counsel for marketing guru Karl Sebastian Greenwood and US prosecutors informed Manhattan Judge Edgardo Ramos that the two […]

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‘Low income’ Oyster Protocol founder allegedly has $10M yacht full of gold bars

The founder of Oyster Protocol has been arrested and charged with operating a multimillion-dollar tax evasion scheme. Amir Burno Elmaani, the founder of the now defunct cryptocurrency scheme Oyster Protocol, has been arrested and charged for what the Department of Justice describes as a “multimillion-dollar tax evasion scheme.” On Dec. 9, the DoJ announced it […]

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The long arm of justice: How far can the DoJ really go in prosecuting foreign actors?

DoJ is now determined to hold the crypto industry to cross-border enforcement standards that have long applied to other sectors of finance. In early October, the U.S. Department of Justice revealed its Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework, a report laying bare the government’s vision for emerging threats and enforcement strategies in the cryptocurrency space. The document is […]

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33 money laundering crypto crims targeted worldwide in 3 separate cases

Law enforcement representing 16 different countries cooperated to arrest 20 members of a global crypto-powered money laundering cartel in just one of the cases. Law enforcement officials from around the world hav taken action against a major transnational money laundering operation involving cryptocurrency. On Oct. 15, Europol announced a successful operation across 16 countries that […]

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