17M Chinese tourists verify health using blockchain to visit Macau

Interoperability between Macau’s blockchain-powered medical data system and mainland Chinese health codes allowed tourism between the jurisdictions to recommence. Chinese non-profit blockchain consortium FISCO BCOS, reports that blockchain-based health records have successfully enabled China to resume mainland tourism to Macau. From May, Macau’s blockchain-powered medical data system has recognized the ID codes of the Guangdong […]

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In China, most blockchain R&D funds are going toward this segment

China’s growing interest in blockchain technology spreads to publicly traded companies. A report published by Securities Daily explained how China’s publicly-listed companies spend the millions they have allocated toward blockchain R&D. The study surveyed 23 companies in China who began working with blockchain back in 2016. Figures suggest that companies allocate an average 20% of their annual […]

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Leaders of global CBDC projects talk shop in panel today

Central bank digital currency interest continues gaining global traction. As part of DC Fintech Week, a digital conference on the governmental side of the financial technology sector, several international leaders gathered for an Oct. 19 panel called: Central Banks, CBDCs and Cryptoeconomics.  “I don’t see technological barriers in this area, but I do see technological challenges,” […]

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