Crypto News Website CCN Hit With Google Penalty

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Google rolled out its Core Update between June 3 and June 8, 2019. As a result, CCN’s organic traffic dropped by 71% on mobile, according to the website. With this drop in traffic, the company claims that its daily revenue has dropped by more than 90%. They were previously aggressive with building out a team of content writers and others, but will now need to close its doors, according to the article.

Cointelegraph also appears to have had a drop of 21% in its mobile traffic, and other crypto websites saw similar changes. It’s possible that this drop was due to Google targeting the cryptocurrency industry specifically, but it’s unlikely. Websites like Daily Mail and others also saw significant drops in the 90% range.

The reason for the drop is more likely based on machine learning algorithms that are shaped as Google RankBrain becomes “smarter.” This algorithm filters queries through an “interpretation model” that personalizes results for the user, based on geography, search history, and other factors that it uses to predict the user’s “true intent.”

There are other ranking signals as well. Google’s algorithm may be filtering out more of what it considers to be “fake news” as the government pressures companies like Google and Facebook to comply with their recommendations. It’s also possible that websites which re-publish articles from other sources aren’t providing enough original content to trigger algorithms as being an authoritative source on the subject matter. In these cases, Google may drive more traffic to the original publisher of each article. This is common practice among crypto and other websites, where they aggregate data feeds from other sources to provide their readers with more relevant content than they would have if they limited themselves to unique content, but it comes with its pros and cons.

Time will determine whether this is just a temporary blip, or a full-on attack on the digital currency industry. Until then, be sure to bookmark your favorite crypto websites, such as Cash Tech News, so that you can refer back to them for important news and updates.

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